Knowledge Automation, powered by AI
Knowledge Automation, powered by AI
Automate your company's knowledge management with AI - a Knowledge Automation Service!
Powered by GPT
Publication Record
AI automatically accumulates internal knowledge!
Aggregate information from any data sources
AI automatically accumulates knowledge from various data sources, such as PDF documents, conversations within Slack, and articles in Notion.
Automatically create knowledge
AI automatically accumulates knowledge from aggregated information.There's no longer a need to manually create knowledge.
AI searches
for you
AI searches internal knowledge on your behalf while you're busy.
Search directly from
your chat
You can directly search for knowledge from your everyday chat tools such as Slack, Teams, and Chatwork.
generate email
On Gmail and Outlook, Yoom knowledge automatically generates email replies based on internal knowledge.
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Connect with your favorite tools!
Connected apps
Connect with your favorite tools and automatically collect internal knowledge.
Committed to your privacy, securyty and data trust
Using Azure OpenAI Service
Yoom Knowledge adopts the 'Azure OpenAI Service,' providing services using generative AI within Microsoft's robust security and stable operating environment. Data sent to the Azure OpenAI Service is not transmitted to OpenAI but is fully managed by Microsoft.
ISMS Certification / ISO 27001
Certification Acquired
Through ISMS management reviews, we ensure and oversee internal controls, and we are committed to maintaining and improving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information on a daily basis.
Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) Acquired
Yoom Knowledge conducts annual vulnerability assessments and has obtained the CASA Tier 2 certification from Google's security assessment.
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What kind of AI generator are you using?
Yoom Knowledge uses Microsoft's "Azure OpenAI Service" and Anthropic's "Claude".
Will the data I register be used for training data for OpenAI or GPT itself?
The data registered in Yoom Knowledge will not be used for training by OpenAI or GPT itself. Data transmitted through APIs to Azure OpenAI Service is retained for a maximum of 30 days for abuse and misuse monitoring purposes, and then deleted. Please refer to the data policy of Azure OpenAI Service for more details.
What does the free trial include?
You can try out Yoom Knowledge features for free for two weeks. However, there are certain limits on the amount of data that can be trained on Yoom Knowledge and the number of searches allowed.
What tools and data sources can you integrate with?
Currently, you can integrate with Slack, Notion, Teams, Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, Intercom, Chatwork, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Confluence, Box, Dropbox, PDFs, Docx, PPT, text files, and emails.